Welcome to My Review Blog!

This book review blog is currently ran by one woman in her late 20’s. I am currently accepting books for review from authors, publishers, and publicists. I am always accepting. You will find everything you need to make the right choice FOR YOU on this site. If you still have questions you can add it to the additional Information section of the form (IF you are signing-up), or you can find the Contact Me Email Here (If you are not signing-up).

My Promise To The Authors

I do not resell books giving to me to be reviewed. I only use them to quench my need to find new authors and read new books. I will always ask if I would like to do something with it.


I do have recommendations and Author Reviews of ME and my blog on the comments section down below. This is to let author know what to expect when working with me. I will leave up to good, the bad, and SOME of the ugly reviews of me. I say "some" because, well, we all have to stay professional, no vulgar comments please. This is to ensure I am doing everything in my power to make this blog a hit success not just with the readers but with the authors as well. Although I think authors might be scared to do an actual critique of me. I have gotten "Suggestions" as their review, which they sent to my inbox. Simple things which I have fix, such as time frame for giveaways. It is okay to leave such things in the Recommendation comments. I want other authors to know the truth and for me to make this blog the best!

I am interested in the following genres:

Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance

I do tend to linger to related genres

I will accept ARC’s as well as published books and I also accept self-published books. I can also accept EREADER NOOK books (See below). I consider all requests but we can’t guarantee your request will be accepted. I love to read, but I am not a speed reader! If you have an urgent request, I will do my very best to accommodate you. I DO NOT read books out-of-order. So I ask that if you wish for me to read a book that is apart of a series, that you’ll send all previous books in the series. Totally Not required however.