You can choose as many Showcase Options as you want for the day. If you would like to participate please fill out the form when your done.
Book Review - This is just a simple book review. Where You send me your book, I read it, and I give my honest opinion of the book. I will post it on my blog, and it will feature the cover art, and up to 5 links of your choice of where your new readers may find the book. I will always send my Review before I post it. I do have an Nook Ereader, and If you wish to send me print versions of your book, I can give you my address.

BE FORE WARNED - My reviews are short, quick, and to the point. This is why my readers love me. I am different. I am Plain Jane, who will not waste time for those who wish to get on/off the computer quickly. Which is great for people checking at work (When their not suppose to), people who may have time restrictions on the computer (such as library computers), or people in a rush to get out the door but wanna pick up a new book on the way home or online.
By Submitting your book for review you are also saying you understand and accept this.

Character Guest Posts - This seems to be the favorite among readers currently. Huge WOW, factor. If you would like to see an example please
click here.

Author Interviews - I ask 10-15 questions normally. The author also has the option to create his/her own interview Q&A's. Also edit, add to, or delete mine.

Author Post - Are just standard on my blog. A little about yourself, your book(s). And Links where you would like to have the readers to find you. Complete with pictures of you or at least book cover(s).

Giveaway Contest - For the giveaway I will randomly pick using www.random.org to choose a winner from the comments left under the post. Giveaways can be Books or Swag (Promotion items, Clothing, Jewelry, etc.). Winners are normally sent the prize from the Author themselves.

All Winners are emailed and given 48 hours. This is because not every checks their email everyday, they may not have a computer themselves, and my email (and possibly yours, The Authors) may fall into the spam folder.

So it is my compromise time frame. We give the reader a fair chance to catch it, with out making the probably very busy author wait long periods of time. This also helps me the blogger not to get an email a month later wanting a prize. This helps free up my time to get post that are due done, with out trying to bother the possibly on tour author.

Interaction - Is where we can pick a date. The author has a choice of using the chat or post comments to interact with the readers. You can click the "email you all follow up comments" option after you have left your 1st comment. This will let you know when you have a new comment. Which is great if you don't want to sit around all day AND when you want to know anytime after that. Example would be if you got a new comment 3 months down the line.

I will advertise from the day we set a date, to the date of the event.

Authors do have an option of LIVE CHATING with readers. This can be done using the Black bar at the bottom of every screen. On the right hand corner you'll see "Join Chat". It has multiple ways to log in. This Does NOT store your login information. You may use your:

Twitter account
Facebook Account
Myspace Account
Or Yahoo Account

You have choice to talk in a main room or privately. When login with a social account you can also chat with anyone you have on that list on this with out ever leaving. For example: You log in with your Facebook account into the Were Vamps Romance Chat room. You can now chat with Readers visiting WVR and Facebook Friends at the same time.

You may choose to set a Date, Time, and Time frame you wish to chat with people.

OTHER - This is a great option for authors who have a little something extra they would like to share. I am pretty laid back on this, but I do reserve the right to NOT post it. These can be pretty much anything. I have had:

Contests (limited to authors site only)
Sneak Peaks
Fan Site Info

If something is not listed, no worries, just let me know what you wanna do. 99.9% I say yes to everything.