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You And Reviews:

I always send the author my review. If The author does not like my review (honest opinion of the book), the Author has a choice to deny my posting, and may choose a different showcase. This only apply IF it is 48 hours BEFORE the post is to go up.

The Reviewers:

You now have a choice between reviewers. Since a lot of authors are referred to us, we like to give them a chance to use the reviewer their friend used.

Reveiwers are:

Michelle (MoonGlitter)

Also your welcome to check out our work. Just click on our names.


I reserve the right to give my complete, honest opinion on the book that I am reviewing, therefore I cannot promise that I will give your book a positive review. If the book that you would like me to review does not interest me, I reserve the right to decline. My reviews will always include the book cover art, synopsis (either provided or found on Author sites) along with my review and rating. All reviews will be mentioned in my blog and will be archived under the tag of “reviews”. I cross-post with my other account from time to time. Those accounts include:


I also promote my blog via Facebook and Twitter, from time to time when I feel that my viewing audience on Facebook/Twitter would enjoy a particular book.


I currently own a BN NOOK it accepts formats:
EPUB (including Non or Adobe DRM)

It does NOT accept these formats:

DOC, LIT, TXT, AMZ (Amazon), LRZ/LRX (Sony).