Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Awesome new Site for Authors - A Gotta Have!

What an Awesome new site for authors to use! Especially when working so much with bloggers to promote your latest book. You can do so much with this site. I came acrossed this site while working with one of the authors for Authors Month event.

Here are just some of the things that the site lists that could help you out.

Distribute your book to bloggers - Running a blog tour? Don’t worry about sending bloggers your book file. Send them an instaFreebie link and let them choose their ideal file type.

Request a book review - Create a link to a free copy of your book that you can send out to reviewers on sites like Goodreads and Amazon.

Engage with devoted readers - Have a street team? Generate instaFreebie links for your street team to share and promote on your behalf.

Offer advance copies - Safely send your book to beta readers and other influencers, such as librarians, educators, and even media contacts.

Run special promotions - Want to release a chapter of your new book, or run a pre-release giveaway? instaFreebie makes it easy to run your giveaway and track its success.

Reward fans - Have a fan that’s been pumping you up on social media? What about a fan who has won a raffle for a free book? Use instaFreebie to send them their reward!

With instaFreebie:

You control the giveaway.As an author, you get to choose how many eBooks you give away, when the giveaway ends, and who gets the copies.

Protected, secure files.We use (optional) DRM protection to make sure your eBook file stays safe and only goes where you want it to.

eBooks for every reader.With instaFreebie, the reader chooses the right file type for their eReader, and we convert it for them when they claim it.

Let readers opt-in to your list.As the reader claims your book, give them the opportunity to opt-in to your mailing list. Get more value from your giveaways.

Start building a relationship.You can thank readers for claiming your book, give them exclusive content, and introduce them to your next project.

Maintain your branding.Control the look and feel of your campaign, readers will receive a consistent experience while interacting with your giveaway.

Now, they do say it is free, but the free is reasonably limited. However they're pricing plans are not too bad. The next plan up is $20 a month. The Pro Plan is $50. Pricing Plans can be shown Here. 

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