Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Due to life, which has it's way with us regardless of our opinions, this site has been down. I am happy to report that it is coming back soon! I plan to move the well known Authors month in April to June. You can expect to see the same fantastic giveaways, New-to-you Authors, and more. We always have tons of fun, so don't miss out. 

To Enter for Authors Month in June 2015, Please fill out the form. Date does not really matter, unless you choose to converse with the readers.  Reason why date doesn't really matter... I like to get all the info ready in advance. Save the post as a Scheduled draft. That way the author gets the full 24 hour period to collect the interest of passing readers in their own time zone.

So Sorry But the All Opening are filled for Authors Month. I have some "Spill Over" if you would like to be added to the end Please fill out the form. I will be changing the end date with the readers and on all the events I have posted on multiple social and buy sites.


Authors Month in June 2015 is CLOSED for new sign ups.
However, You can still sign up and reserve your spot next year!
We'll hammer out the details Next year. I'll contact you.
*BESURE* to mention Author Month 2016 in the Additional Info.
Hurry before all open dates are full.
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