Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Authors Month - It's coming!!!

I have a event on my blog called "Authors Month". It only happens once a year and it help show case new and upcoming books to readers. If your interested in participating in Authors Month or if you wish to do a regular showcase please contact me. If you would like to see some recommendations and Author Reviews you can find them HERE.

Here's a little about Authors Month:

Authors Month is something new I put together to help the readers find their favorite genres upcoming releases, their favorite authors or find new authors they have not yet heard of. Last year this was a great success for all who was involved. I do have a page that goes into detail about this, along with the sign up form that helps me get information (related to the showcase) on my site Under authors.

The Site offers these options:

Book Review with Muti-Site Posting
Author Interview
Character Interview
Author Guest Post
Character Guest Post
Other - can be whatever you wish.

Is on a 1st come 1st serve bases. We'll try to get it as close as possible to your release date. We'll be filling up the month of January 1st, and then Febuary.

I'll be attacking the incoming sign-up's this weekend. You can sign up here.

Accepting genres:
Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance

We will not be accepting Erotica, Gore/Horror.
Check out Author's Month showcases:
April 2011

I do hope to hear back from you. whether you participate or not. So I may let my reader know.

Thank you so much for allowing me some of your time.

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