Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Promo Help

PhotobucketFrom time to time, authors send me signed promo items as a thank you. What I have decided to do with the promo items that are sent in large quantities is to do a giveaway.

Depending on the quantity, I will make a "To Be Read" basket for the readers of Were Vamps Romance.

What will the baskets consist of?

Although I keep referring to bookmarks the whole way through this post, it is not the only option. Anything you send my way, not meant for me, will be put up for a giveaway.  Depending on the number of items and what the item is.

An example would be: If a few authors sent a book, shirt, bookmarks (single or multi-books), and maybe a sticker that would make a nice basket.

I will put up pictures of the "To Be Read" Baskests, when I get a few more items to make it an actual giveaway item.

What does this mean to the author?

Free promotion.

Since my reader do read your Genre and they are readers of books (in need of bookmarks), this makes a great gift.  Plus they'll see you bookmark and remember to check out your book. This equals more readers. If they happen to be reading somewhere public, as most readers are, they'll will be displaying the bookmark.

I don't know about you but when I (most people) am reading a book I hold the bookmark outside of the book. This leaves the book mark shown to people around them. Friends, Family, Co-workers, fellow students, and/or other patrons.

I can't tell you enough how many people have commented on promo items I have been carrying around. I have sent people to libraries to pick up a book that had just intrigued them with a simple item such as a bookmark.

How many you should send?
That is up to you! I am grateful to receive anything at all for giveaways, or myself.

How Many have other Authors sent?

I have received 5 bookmarks to 60+ bookmarks (No Joke). It was when I received the 60+ book marks and told to "do whatever you wish with them" that I came up with the giveaway baskets.

Do they need to be Autographed?

No, they do not. :) However autographed ones are the readers perferred choice. But there is no need since I will probably mix the non and the autographed one together.

For Newbie Authors if you would like to make bookmarks for your books, a great (CHEAP) site is:

If you have a great printing site you would like to share with authors please leave a comment.

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